Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I am so glad you have come to see my blog. 

Do feel free to comment.  

Come with me, join in the journey as I find a way to share and express all the wonderful things that I get excited about.  
Let me hear about the things you get excited about too.

Green blessings. /I\


  1. hi lynne, im jodi, im not exactly sure how your blog came to my e-mail but im glad it did! im an herb mentor subscriber im assuming it connected to me from there. i LOVE this washing machine, were on solar power here in the uintahs at 7500ft. ive found myself in need of something like this beauty on numerous occasions! (im crazy too:) i have 2 girls left at home that we homeschool, im 43 and have 2 grandbabies from my other daughter whos 22. i began an herbal journey almost 3 years ago after my 43 year old husband had a stroke. i believe there is medicine in our God given plants and im set to help my family, and myself, however i can. how awesome your e-mail came to me, i too know what were facing. have fun with your new toy! talk later, phil.3:14

  2. Hi there Jodi.... well I am a firm believer in synchronicity. I certainly didn't send the post to you but I'm glad you got it. :) I home schooled my children too... for varying lengths of time but the best decision for them. They are all strong characters and moving on with their lives. My youngest, a daughter, has just got engaged and she and her fiancée are 'crazy' too. Glad to hear you are pressing on to the goal.. Many blessings Lynne:)

  3. Well, I am certainly enjoying your blog/website Lynne - it's a good way of staying in touch with your happenings (not something I'm generally good about!). But reading your and Jodi's comments made me feel I'd like to share my pride in my two sons. The eldest was very dyslexic long before such a thing was recognised. He was treated as "thick" by his school and left with no qualifications, but eventually, as a mature student, and with appropriate help, went on to get a degree. My younger son was just "different", creative, reserved and shy and although ok academically, did not fit into the cloning factory of the local comprehensive and was subjected to much bullying. After trying hard to sort things out with the school, I finally decided I had no option but to take him out at 14yrs and home-school him. So he too had no GCSE's or A Levels but again, as a mature student he was accepted at a university on a portfolio of work and will graduate this summer age 30yrs. He then hopes to go on to do a Masters! Neither of my two daughters, both ok at school academically and socially, went on to university so it just shows that qualifications are not necessarily essential. By the way, I can't find a way to put my name on this so have had to do it as "anonymous" but just so you know Lynne, it's me Freya. Love and blessings to all of you!

  4. Hi Freya.... if you sing in as a member with a 'blog name' it will not come up as anonymous! Good to hear from you. WE miss you. :) :) :)

  5. hi again i meant sign of course. a dyslexic moment. lol lol lol