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Helping you to Help yourself

Would you like to join others who are rising to the
 challenge of living in a different manner?

We currently live in an unsustainable, consumer-driven society.
We are constantly bombarded with images and words that tell us that we need this or that product; that without the products that they have to sell us, we will be in want of some kind. We are so used to this manner of living that, often, we don’t question it.

Something nags at us though.

Perhaps, in our busy lives, we long to be free of the worry of balancing our dwindling budgets against the tyranny of perpetual inflation.

Perhaps you are already aware that the Earth, on which we all depend cannot continue to be pillaged and destroyed in such a wanton manner;
but that we walk upon an Earth that can, if we wished,
 feed us all and support us all.

Maybe you are already trying to reuse, recycle and make do and mend.

We continuously hear negative news reports telling us how bad things are, how much worse they will get; of impending oil crisis, impending financial chaos,
wars and rumours of conflicts that may threaten our lifestyles and we wonder:
“What if I were thrown onto my own devices?
How would my family manage?
What can I do for my family and community?”

If this is you and you want to have fun in meeting the challenge of living in a sustainable and more frugal manner, so you may be better placed to support your family and community, perhaps you would like to join one of our workshops where we all,
 adults and children, learn together.

Are you interested in other means of living with the Earth without polluting it?
Do you want to be a creator rather than a consumer?

These are some of the things we can do together:
Re-cycling and make do and mend.
Making and using home cleaning products.
Making and using creams and personal products.
Making and using washable, modern user friendly nappies.
Making and using personal hygiene products.
Refining latent skills such as knitting, sewing and crafting.
Trying to recapture skills that served our communities in the past and which our elders learned as they were growing up.
Learning often forgotten crafts such as carding, spinning and weaving.
Earth skills.

I was brought up in a household where many of the skills mentioned above were expected of us and part of the way we lived.
As a child I did not appreciate what I was being taught, who does? 
I longed to get to the shops and buy things that didn’t have to be home-crafted.

I am a little wiser now and appreciate the skills I was taught, and am still learning more.

I am a qualified teacher/trainer and enjoy teaching in a manner in which, whatever their starting point, everyone feels they can learn.

If you would like to know more, get in touch.
Let’s learn together.

L-S Tynan-Cashmore.

P.C.E.T /B.C.E.T .
Q.B.I (Buzan) 
Dip.S.P..D Hornsby 
Montessori Diploma International.

07977 948525

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