Friday, April 27, 2012

Great excitement in the Oaks here...

I can't help grinning in a slight manic manner!  

I was asked by my colleagues why and when I told them it was because I had a new washing machine... well they were not impressed.  Then I explained that it was a vintage non-electric machine with a hand cranked agitator, you could see in their eyes that I had finally made it to 'out there', crazy.  Lets face it who in their right minds would think that it was a great thing to have to wash laundry in this manner in this day and age?  Well.... me!  You see I have this nagging refrain going on in the back of my mind that says "What if we had no electricity?"  This goes along with all the other what if's like, "What if we run out of fuel?"  "What if the economy takes a further nose dive?"  

It's not that I am a constant worrier, I think I am actually quite a positive person.  But I have years now, of experience that tells me things can and often do, change overnight.  You can't rely on things to be constantly the same and you have to make provision for tough times.  Well I may be just following my fancy, but what if I am not?  

Any way here is my wonderful machine.  It will need sprucing up a bit, but I love it.  I have an old acme mangle that we used to take camping when the babies were little and in terry's zorba gold nappies.... I am sure it will get good use especially if the "what if?" happens.  

Green blessings to you all. / I \ 

My beautiful, clean green machine!

It will be better when it has been cleaned up. :)

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