About Oakwise

Hi. I am Lynne Tynan-Cashmore. Like you, I am just an ordinary person, who has had the great fun and privilege of being brought up with many skills, which I have chosen to spend time developing. 

When I was a child, I did not see it as fun, or a privilege. Indeed, I would spend much time trying to devise ways in which I could get out of doing what was expected of me; just like children everywhere, I guess. However, both life and necessity have been my diligent teachers and, so many times, the things that I was taught as a child became necessary to the well-being of my family and friends.

I decided to get paper qualifications. I am very dyslexic, so it took me some time - with some really interesting deviations on the route, which have contributed to the person I am now today. 

I have a very large and extended family. All the members of this family have taught me many things, and often, unknowingly, inspired me to do even more. Because of them, I overcame my fear of failure and trained as a Montessori teacher, which led me to specialise in lifelong and accelerated learning and in special needs. I found that I had a real passion for teaching, particularly in a holistic manner. I found I was always drawing from the well of my experiences and those of people I had learned from in the past. I found I was excited about the possibility of keeping alive or acquiring skills that seemed to be disappearing. I made new friends and discovered the joy of the challenge of trying to use a combination of old technology and skills with modern designs and ideas. 

Over time, economic pressures caused me to diversify from ‘just’ teaching. I needed to provide for my family and my desire to help myself, and assist my family and others to develop themselves in all areas of their lives led me to gain further qualifications. All the qualifications I gained in complementary healing had their roots in my childhood and deeply held interests and fascinations. 

I don’t see myself as an expert in anything. But I do have things I love to share, so that those of like mind may also have the benefit of helping others to help themselves. I also make a point of trying to learn at least three new skills a year. Some are easy, some I struggle with, but all deeply enrich my life and, hopefully, those I come into contact with. 

I believe in people and their right to live a rich life, as independently as possible. I believe in community and sustainable living within it. I believe in supporting and encouraging the people with whom I come into contact and, perhaps, like a drop in the ocean, contributing to the greater good in this wonderful world in which we all live. 

After all, though we are many, we are one. 
Please feel free to explore the website and find out more about what I do.


  1. Hi Lynne. I've been a life-long believer in herbs and natural health/remedies. I'm glad to see your blog. I especially like your April 28th post, something I agree completely with. Cheers.

    1. Thankyou for your kind comment, I had only just found it and strangely it was in the spam which i came across by accident. Blessings of green and growing things to you. Lynne. /|\