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Nutrition plays a vital part in our lives.  
So few of us can claim to eat a completely ‘clean’ and nutritious diet.
Many of us struggle with our weight or poor eating habits we would like to change.  
It can be overwhelming to do it alone.

I can devise nutritional packages with you, your family, your budget and lifestyle in mind. 

Sometimes a simple change in the diet can make a great difference; and I can help you extend your culinary repertoire with simple, everyday recipes  for a wide variety of dietary needs,including those suffering from coeliacs disease,  I.B.S. or food  intolerances.  
I can also support those on restricted or vegetarian diets, ensuring variety and good nutrition.

Of course, herbs play a huge part in cooking.  
They were used originally by our ancestors to support health where diet was restricted.  
The flavours are often out of this world and using herbs to flavour food helps us to really appreciate home-cooked meals.

In my small, cooking workshops, for adults and children, we explore the use of herbs for flavour and health.
Creating home-crafted creams, macerated oils, herbal vinegars
and tinctures from herbs and ordinary kitchen ingredients.
I can teach you how to create simple, nutritious meals on a budget, or make those special,home-crafted recipes we can often only find at food fairs or expensive shops. 

I am fully insured and a member of The National College of Holistic Medicine.
Do contact me …

L-S Tynan-Cashmore.
S.N.H.S Adv Dip.Herbalism.M.C.H.M.
S.N.H.S. Adv Dip.Past.Life.Therapy. M.C.H.M
S.N.H.S Adv Dip Nutrition  M.C.H.M
S.N.H.S Dip. Anatomy and Physiology. M.C.H.M
S.N.H.S Dip. Homeopathy. M.C.H.M
P.C.E.T /B.C.E.T .
Q.B.I (Buzan) 
Dip.S.P..D Hornsby 
Montessori Diploma International.

07977 948525

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