Thursday, July 18, 2013

Yesterday Mimz, our young friend Michael aka Mini Mike, and myself went on a trawl.
Mike had to get new tyres and I was on a mission to get a decent camping table.

We went to the local scrap yard and pre-loved BIG SHED just outside of Leamington Spa.

We had such fun.  Mike got his wheels done much cheaper than at the garage he was very happy about that. He then went on to get a brass, round occasional table, just like the one I had just found.

I got an old 1950  card table that folds flat, a camping bed, 2 fold away wooden chairs, a brass fold away, round occasional table, a lady’s scythe, a miniature shut the box game and dinky little wooden box, oh and a book for Mimz who now owes me £8 worth of jobs around the house! LOL.  Love it.  All for the grand total of £40.

All of these things were cast offs, unwanted, deemed valueless and yet all of these things will be used in our home and when we go camping with much appreciation.
It all depends on the context doesn't it?

Mike was so impressed with the place and commented on the fact that one could easily furnish your whole house so long as you were not after brand spanking new flimsy goods. That’s the point isn‘t it? Brand spanking new nowadays is generally not good quality, with built in obsolescence. The old stuff was made to last and its testimony is that it is still knocking about in old sheds, granny’s back parlour or second hand shops.

We had such fun cleaning stuff up and making it serviceable again.  The little knocks, dents and stains were all part of the story of that piece and made for its character, and added to the clutter ambience of the home.

I will put in some pictures when I get a chance.  Have a lovely day all.  It looks like it’s going to be another hot one.

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