Monday, June 18, 2012

Stweradship: its time to get back to simplicity

Hi there.  Well it seems like ages since I have had half a chance to blog.  We had our summer solstice 'do' this week end, and we were pretty sure, that like all other events so far this summer it would have to be indoors. However, joy of joys, as the day progressed the rain clouds faded away and the puddles dried up.  We lit our fire and celebrated outside.  Just as we declared "Peace in the South" the sun shone out!.  Synchronicity.

After lots of delicious food we gathered together to share ideas, poetry art etc. It soon became apparent that we had all independently come up with the theme of sustainability.  

What is sustainability? Well for me it means living as much as possible in tune with nature and her rhythms.  It means living frugally.... well that is not a choice in our case, we HAVE to live frugally.  It means, where possible, doing as much as one can oneself, to ensure that when we have to use resources, the return of those resources, one way or another, does not cost the planet and future generations more than it can afford.

Each of us have our own levels of understanding, and/or ability to live sustainably, but I am sure that there are few people who can fail to acknowledge that unless we all try to do something, then our planet and all who live on it are in for traumatic and troubling times.  

One of our group, not generally known for dire predictions and over exaggeration read from a book that had touched him deeply.  As soon as I can get the title off him, I will tell you what it was, but my Swiss cheese mind does not recall just now, but in essence it said something like this...

    "the economic system is collapsing, climate change threatens further starvation and deprivation across the world,  the seas are being fished out, the waters are becoming polluted, the land is being poisoned by chemicals, animals are treated as commodities and not sentient beings, the sense of community and belonging is being eroded and people are becoming more and more fearful."  

What a dire out look, and easy to see why so many people keep their blinkers on and refuse to see what is glaringly obvious.  

We all need to change.

We can not all make huge changes overnight.  It can be a job to know where we as the 'little people' can begin.  Well, we can all start with little changes and build them up.  Here are a few ideas. Now before you think I am getting preachy, I am still building up my green credentials, and some of these things I have only just started.  Some of these things I have done forever... and no! I am not going to tell you which

If you, like me already re-cycle as much as you can, FREEGLE or something similar.  (For those across the oceans you may have this or 'Free Cycle).  Advertise for free items you no longer need  or want cluttering up your home and then give it away!  That's right, some one else may really value those mis-matched plates, pots, books, gardening tools.  And while freegling, see if there is something that you would value and pick it up for free. It saves landfill and is community minded.

If you have skills, and need skills see if you can join a group that barters skills.  It is community minded and enables folk to offer what they can for skills they may otherwise not be able to afford.  

Make things at home like soap powder for a greatly reduced cost - yes it works well with no nasty chemicals.  Learn how  to make your own natural cleaning materials, like surface cleaner, toilet cleaner, soap etc.  All these can be made from natural products at home, with no excess packaging and no nasty pollutants or carcinogens that can affect your precious loved ones.

Make more meals at home, buy less from the supermarket that reuses packaging which goes to landfill and takes centuries to decompose.

Try growing a few items at home, not only does home grown taste great, it is good fun and can often be done in the tiniest of spaces. The taste is something else too.... 

Maybe you don't have green fingers, well see if there is a local 'green box' delivery service where for a very small cost you can get fresh in season veggies locally grown, that reduces miles of  travel costs adding to the carbon foot print of our food.

Try to steward the use of your car.... you may not be able to walk every where, but you can be more efficient in the manner in which you plan your tasks so that you reduce the amount of times you drive out....

Don't try to do everything all t once overnight, start small, be kind and forgiving of yourself, but make those little changes.  As will I. :) There are many other ideas I am sure... please, tell us about them.. Lets hear your voices and contributions... 

You may have something to share that we can all do simply and easily.

Remember! We are only ordinary people, but even a diamond started out as a rough stone, and we can all make a little difference

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